Somethings just reconfirm your beliefs. I have been in Hong Kong for more than 23 years and I always tell people that this is one of the safest cities on the planet and that the policing style here is very different. Within the ambit of the law, you will get all the help from the Police. I also tell them that the police are the most amazing, friendly and firm and go out of the way to help you in case of need. this is a small personal incident which reaffirmed this belief.

A few months ago, after a small party for the Chinese New year near my office I was heading back home, in my mind felt sufficient time had elapsed from the time i consumed my last drink and that I was fine with the alcohol content for driving, So started driving back, only to be stopped within a block of my office by a police posse checking for blood alcohol content. I was certain that I would be fine and so bravely took the test, only to get an audible failure alarm. My world came crashing down and the thoughts that came into my head immediately were really foreboding, including incarceration. However, when I looked out of the car window, was reassured to see a smile on the face of the officer taking the sample. He politely asked me the timeline for my alcohol consumption and if I had ever rinsed my mouth after the drinks. Told him I did not, he gave me a sip of water and helped me understand why rinsing one’s mouth was important after consuming spirits even if one felt they were ok. I rinsed and repeated the test and again failed. Legally, now I could not drive, with the car in a no-parking zone, I was not sure what to do. The officer asked me the location of my parking and believe it or not, drove my car back to be parked in my designated car park. We then proceeded for the final check at the police station where thankfully I cleared. The whole experience was so surreal that I felt blessed to be living in this city. Kudos Sirs to you the HK police.

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