Dark clouds and a steady drizzle did not deter the determined members of FIPHK to go ahead with the GO GREEN and FAMILY FUN DAY picnic on Saturday February 23. And what fun it was! Despite the drizzle, kites were flown by members and their children. The Gazebo area was duly occupied by our group. The food stands set up under its roof provided hot cups of tea, yummy breakfast and lunch.

Some of the enterprising members had a fire going near the Gazebo and it kept us warm and gave us a number of photo ops. A fun round of Bingo was played with a lot of loud and friendly banter and protests!

The highlight of the picnic was the post lunch Drum Jamming session. All of us sat in a circle and jammed to the drumbeats led by Kumi Masunga. Even while we followed the African drumbeats of Congo native songs, the enterprising lot turned into a Bollywood event drumming and dancing to our good old desi numbers! It was truly a team event where everyone, adults and children, drummed and danced amidst cheerful laughter!

This picnic would always be etched in our memory.

Despite being our first event as members, we felt immediately at home. It was great to see our kids having a great time as well. Flying kites in a drizzle, that was a new experience and the drum jam was fun. A great day out, despite the weather.