Where the ‘quizzical you’ meets the ‘amusingly puzzled’, where the moments are beautifully crafted by ‘Thinking Fast’, where even the simplest answer can be clouded by the anxieties of choosing the ‘Right’. Well, simply saying where everyone discovers that “MIND MATTERS”!

Above aptly summarises the undertones of FIPHK’s highly anticipated and much awaited marquee event – Mind Matters.


For the 13th year in a row, our very own Pushkar and Bashuli Sane, tested our knowledge, awareness and presence of mind, in their own, very endearing style with fresh mind benders and exciting new rounds.

It was heartening to see such a large number of guests participating in our ever popular event. Six table teams of 10 members (& their guests) per table came wearing their thinking hats on, having convinced themselves that their grey cells were geared up and would match up to the questions.

The event had something for everybody. The questions tested general awareness with questions ranging from art to advertising, from current affairs to history, from economics to entertainment, from sports to science, and from literature to lifestyle. There were written and verbal rounds, audio and video rounds.

Some individual wild guesses, intelligent answers and pure eidetic memory totally mesmerized the audience and won appreciation of the Quiz Masters by way of individual prizes (books and chocolates).

Off course the evening ended with Certificates and attractive prizes, both team and individual, being handed over to the Winners, 1st and 2nd Runners up.