Theatre Night 2018

“Theatre Night 2018“ was an evening of two short comedies in English, written and
directed by Dr. Priyanka Jain and performed by actors of Teacup Productions on 22 nd
September at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, HK Polytechnic University. The plays
enthralled and entertained a full house of audience.

The project spanned over 5 months, from audition to staging, involved 16 actors, 4
dancers, 3 singers, 22 backstage crew. The plays, set in Hong Kong, took a closer look
at the fabric human relationships laced with comic moments and smooth punch lines
that kept the audience in fits.

Play 1: Swing-a-Song
Set in the 1970s, Shubankar Majumdar, a musical genius, is preparing for what will be
a knock-out show. But, desperate fans, a jealous wife and the pressure to perform, all
makes for a dangerous cocktail.
Will the event end with a standing ovation, or be as disappointing as the potato and
cheese kebabs? Either way, the show must go on.


Play 2: Marry-go-Round
They say we cannot choose our family, but what if we are left with no choice?
When our protagonists find themselves in a desperate situation, they’re forced to
come up with a plan, and quickly. They rely on a zero, who becomes an unlikely hero

in their time of need. But when a stolen identity results in stolen hearts, the plan becomes more foolhardy than fool-proof.



The Team Behind the play: