The Management Committee comprises of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary as well as the Conveners of the following Committees:

  • Membership
  • Events
  • IT & Social Media
  • Marketing & External Communication
  • Assimilation & Coordination
  • Special Interests
Anuraag Bhatnagar

Anuraag is the Managing Director of Caravel Carbons and Caravel Ores & Alloys. After graduating in Economics and completing an MBA, he has been working in the commodities space with various organizations across India and Hong Kong. Retired from playing cricket he now tracks it passionately along with many other sports. His other interests are music, films, reading, quizzing and opining on current affairs.

Gautam Bordoloi
Vice President

Gautam is Vice President, Capgemini Hong Kong and between HKJC and Capgemini is spent a year pursuing his passion of cooking launching his YouTube channel “Bordo’s Kitchen”. Bordo’s Kitchen will be converted to a book in 2020, 100% proceeds and pledges will go to charity.

Aditya Jayaraman
Secretary & Convener - Events Committee

Aditya is a banker and leads a team at Bank J Safra Sarasin. He previously worked with various leading banks like Standard Chartered, UBS and Citi. He holds an MBA from Mumbai University and has worked in three large financial centers in Asia – Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai. He is passionate about cricket, food, quizzing and opining on current affairs.

Bala Krishnamurthi

Bala is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Star Plus Limited. He established Star Plus in 1993 with a focus on manufacturing and marketing of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances. Bala is an expert on China and Russia and has seen the dramatic transformation of these two countries. Bala holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics. He is passionate about quizzing and sports. He travels the world to watch some of the leading sporting events.

Pushkar Sane
Convener - IT & Social Media

Pushkar is the Co-founder & CEO of Convergination Ventures and has over 20 years of experience across Digital, Strategy Planning, Analytics, Data, Technology, Advertising, and Media. He has a unique distinction of working three most dynamic (billion plus audience) markets in the world – Internet, China, and India. He loves travelling as it helps in understanding people, learning new things, spotting differences and celebrating similarities. Passion for traveling is evident from his extensive travel footprint covering over 55 countries. He is also passionate about photography, reading, tennis, golf and chess. 

Alok Jain
Convener - Marketing & Communications

Alok is the Managing Director of Trans-consult Asia, an advisory firm specializing in Traffic and Transport domain. Previously, he has held senior positions in The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (KMB), MVA Asia and MTR Corporation. Alok is passionate about theatre and acting, and along with his wife Priyanka, through a venture called Teacup Productions, produces a radio show “Cultural Dimsum” on RTHK which is broadcast every Sunday. He is also actively involved in a Food & Beverage business and ownership of cricket franchises.

M.S. Nagarajan
Convener - Membership Committee

Capt. M.S. Nagarajan is a shipping professional with over 40 years experience. He is an Executive Director at Fleet Management Limited. An active member of FIPHK since its inception, Aga is Convener of FIPHK's membership committee. He is passionate about quizzing, sports, and traveling.

Sudhir Salian
Convener - Assimilation & Coordination

Originally from Mumbai, Sudhir has been calling Hong Kong home for the past 13 years. A Chartered Accountant by training, his job in a Reinsurance Company pays the bills and funds his passion and hobbies. He has been a member of FIPHK for the past 5 years and has actively contributed to the forum as a member of Events Committee. 

Aradhana Chandra
Convener - Special Interests Activities

Aradhana moved to Hong Kong 18 years ago and has been a member from almost the very beginning. She has been a special education needs teacher in an International school for the last 15 years. Her interests include gardening, reading, hiking, the quest for spirituality and photography. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Sanjay and has a son, Sagar and daughter, Diksha.



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